How To Set The Mood

Proximity Hotel gets upgrades to rooms and suites
  1. Turn the lights down to a soft glow. All the lights in the sleeping room and the bathing room dim! We suggest going low, very low, on nearly all the lights. Here’s our favorite setting:
    • Bedside Lamps: 10% – basically as low as possible before the light turns off.
    • Desk Lamp: 10%
    • Floor Lamp: 10%
    • Buddha Lamp: 10% or off.
    • Entry Light: Off
    • Bathroom Lights: 10% – you’ll see the lights over the shower and commode cut off, but the center light will stay low. It’s magical.
      • Depending on your room type you may have more or less lamps than what’s mentioned in the romantic setting above. Just exercise the idea of less is more; 10% or off is our recommendation.
    • Don’t forget to draw the blackout drapes!
  2. Start a meaningful music playlist from your phone on the BlueTooth® speakers or TV. The volume should be slightly louder than normal. See our guide on setting up the sound system in your room. 
  3. Eliminate all other distractions and focus only on your sweetheart for the rest of the evening.
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