21+ A LA Carte Menu – For Mature Audiences only

For those who want to take their romance a step farther—arouse the senses to a new level—choose from our 21+ menu offerings. Our curated list of unique and fun items will bring you closer together and includes an array of items for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual preference. If you have questions or would like to discreetly explore other items not on this list, please reach out to our romance advisor at [email protected].

Travel Kits by Kama Sutra

Oil of Love, Honey Dust with Feather Tickler, Treasures of the Sea bath salts, Love Liquid, Tea Light Candle packaged in a zippered, keepsake toiletry bag.

Getaway Kit

Petite sensual treats packaged in keepsake metal case – Oil of Love, Honey Dust with Feather Tickler, 2 Aromatics/Naturals Massage Oil Packets, 2 Love Liquid Packets, Erotic Play Cards.

Weekender Romance Kit

Massage, Bath & Body

Kama Sutra’s famous luxury bath salts transform an ordinary bath into a sensual oasis of tropical, blue water. Made with skin-nourishing sea minerals and includes a real seashell scoop. Let the scent of soft, ocean breezes lull you into a state of deep relaxation.  Perfect for a romantic couples bath or a relaxing solo bath, even kids love the fun blue water. Will not clog or stain bath tub.

Treasures of the Sea Bath Salts

Transform a simple bath or shower into a sensual experience

Rinse away the day and relax with lavish Kama Sutra bathing gel.  Enriched with nourishing oils and invigorating scents, this is not your average soap. Relax and lather up for some alone time, or have your lover join you for a few extra bubbles. Made with Avocado, Olive, Jojoba, Coconut and Sunflower oils

Rich, bubbly lather. Use anywhere on the body. Leaves skin clean and soft

Ocean Blue Bath Gel

Dessert for the skin!  Delight your senses with this kissable, whipped body crème. The light, fluffy texture and sweet, creamy flavor makes this Kama Sutra body treat ideal for sensual massage as well as a daily moisturizer.  Rich, moisturizing formula. Leaves skin irresistibly soft and smelling good-enough-to-eat, but please don’t!

Body Soufflé

Passion Pomegranate.  This ultra-rich shave crème made with Aloe Vera, Jojoba Seed Oil and Avocado Oil prepares even the most sensitive skin for a silky-smooth shave. The moisturizing formula goes on clear and can help reduce razor bumps. Kama Sutra’s Intimate Caress Shave Creme leaves Skin incredibly soft and delicately scented.  Rich, silky texture can help reduce razor bumps. Made for men and women

Made in the USA with quality Kama Sutra ingredients

Intimate Caress Shave Gel

Indulge in sensual massage. Try all five blends of Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oil with this travel kit. Includes five petite massage oils in a zippered case. The TSA approved sizes are perfect for travel. Made with naturally-derived oils, these rich, emollient formulas make it a pleasure to give or receive a romantic full-body massage, wherever you go. Made with naturally-derived oils and skin nourishing Vitamin E. Ultra moisturizing and silky-smooth for the perfect full body massage. Travel-sized and TSA approved

Massage Indulgence Kit

Tickle, Tease & Kiss Me Please!  Perfectly portioned travel size! Kissable, moisture-wicking Kama Sutra body powder that leaves skin silky-soft and delicately scented. Includes a sexy feather applicator. Talc free. Delicious, kissable body dust. Lightweight formula wicks away moisture, leaving skin soft and smooth. Use anywhere on the body

Honey Dust

Kama Sutra’s Divine Nectars is a water-based, flavored body glide. Use it anywhere on the body. Adds the perfect amount of slip and glide to any intimate activity with a splash of juicy, kissable flavor! Drizzle all over the body…anywhere you want to kiss or be kissed. Rub it, kiss it, lick it…. The possibilities are endless.  Light, silky-smooth, slippery glide. Mouth-watering, kissable flavor. Super-slick and long-lasting for endless sensual enjoyment. Water-based, Non-staining, colorless and non-sticky. Latex-friendly. Sugar-free. Use anywhere on the body

5oz ($12)/ 2oz ($6)

Divine Nectars

Kama’s Sutra’s signature product. This water-based personal lube makes having great sex effortless. The luxuriously simple formula provides a smooth, natural feel for enhanced intimate pleasure.  Silky glide for a natural feel

Long lasting formula. Convenient Flip-Cap for easy one-hand application. Water-based. Color and fragrance free

Love Liquid

Long-lasting, light & silky massage oil with exotic scents inspired by nature. Use as a daily moisturizer or pour into the bath for super soft skin. Made with Almond, Soy and Grapeseed Oil.

Available in 8oz ($15) or 2oz ($6) bottles.

Natural Massage Oils

Made with essential oils to promote deep relaxation. Long-lasting, light & silky massage oil with exotic scents inspired by nature. Use as a daily moisturizer or pour into the bath for super soft skin. Made with Almond, Soy and Grapeseed Oil. Available in 2oz bottles.

Aromatics Massage Oils

Play Sets by Kama Sutra

Elegant Spanking Crop, Pleasure Balm, Love Liquid, Oil of Love, 12 Play Cards

Five Piece Feel Me Play Set

Soft and Sexy Handcuffs, Feather Tickler, Oil of Love, Honey Dust, Love Liquid, 12 Play Cards

6 Piece Trust Me Play Set

Seductive Blindfold with Leather Tassel, Massage Oil, Oil of Love, Love Liquid, 12 Play Cards

5 Piece Surprise Me Play Set

Flirty Feather Tickler with Whip, Oil of Love, Honey Dust, Love Liquid, Intensify Plus, 12 Play Cards

6 Piece Arouse Me Play Set

This special 1969 Anniversary Edition set features two silky satin ties, Oil of Love, Honey Dust, Massage Oil, Love Liquid, a unique set of collectible Kama Sutra Position Play Cards

7 Piece Embrace Me Play Set

Oil of Love, Love Liquid, massage candle custom satin blindfold tie and a set of 6 Kama Sutra Position Playcards. All packaged in a beautiful, gift-ready box

6 Piece Treasure Trove

Natya couples’ toy massager with vibrating remote, satin brocade restrains with corset ties, Arouse Intensifying Gel, Love Liquid.

5 Piece Love Bound Play Set


Available games may be subject to change.

96 action cards for hours of steamy fun

Spice up your love life with the fun Love Affair dice game. Roll the dice, pick a card and follow the instructions – soon you’ll be kissing, touching, licking and a whole lot more. A great game for teasing.

6 x foreplay sex dice game for impromptu bedroom fun

Roll the dice to decide the whos, wheres, whats and hows of your sexy adventure. 720 possible outcomes offer a variety of spontaneous play. Perfect for beginners looking to add some extra spice to their sex life Includes drawstring storage bag.

52 peel-and-reveal cards to inspire new role play ideas

There are only so many times you can dress up as a ‘sexy secretary’ or ‘naughty nurse’. Get new inspiration for role play fun with this 52-pack card game that’s great for role play newbies and aficionados alike. One card a week gives you a year of play.

Pack of 52 sexy ‘Would You Rather’-style cards for you to explore with your partner or friends.

Shuffle the pack and choose ten cards to find out more about your partner’s preferences in the bedroom If they choose not to answer, select a forfeit from the forfeit card or make your own.  Use the questions as inspiration for a sexy night

Toys by Kama Sutra

Compact in size but not in luxury, the Chari vibrator from Kama Sutra has twin motors, one in each adjustable “ear,” providing a unique experience every time. Perfect for spontaneous trysts and the perfect size to take anywhere you want to go. This toy is easy to use and impossible to resist.

  • 7 pleasure rhythms with matching illuminating LED colors – find and enjoy your rhythm and set the mood for love.
  • Bendable – luxurious massager with two sleek bendable arms
  • Discreet power – quiet, yet powerful vibration
  • Fully rechargeable – use for up to 2 hours
  • Luxurious, soft, material – made from silicone and ASB plastic and free of phthalates
  • Two whisper-quiet motors – one located in the left arm of the unit, one located in the right arm of the unit
Chari Personal Massager

Remote controlled couple’s massager intensifies sexual sensations for you and your partner

This soft, bendable and body shape adapting toy is internally worn during lovemaking to create and enjoy more intense climaxes

  • Bendable Luxurious, bendable and body safe massager that conforms to your unique body shape.
  • Powerful Heart Shaped Remote Control Allows you to be perfectly in sync with your lover from up to 30 feet away while controlling and enjoying the same rhythmic sensations.
  • Dual Power Vibrations Strong, stimulating vibrations.
  • 7 Pleasure-Rhythms Each with Matching Illuminating LED Colors Find and enjoy your rhythm and set the mood for love.
  • Fully Rechargeable. Use for up to 2 hours.
  • Luxurious, Soft, Body Safe Material
  • 3 Whisper-Quiet Motors 1 located in each end of the bendable unit and 1 in the vibrating heart.
  • 100% Waterproof Ready to use in the bath or shower.
Natya Coulpes Massager

Natya couples’ toy bendable massager with vibrating remote, satin brocade restrains with corset ties, Arouse Intensifying Gel, Love Liquid.

5 Piece Love Bound Play Set