Sustainable Practices Guide: Sustainable Practices Initiative

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Intent: To make the world a better place to live by…

To be of genuine service to our Guests, Fellow Staff Members, Owners (who are solely QW staff members), and the Earth & Her People.

  1. Provide our guests with the highest quality food, drink and accommodations at a good value.
  2. Ensure that each guest receives prompt, friendly, attentive service by a well-trained service staff in a
    clean, comfortable, well-maintained environment that is warm and hospitable (pleasant acoustics, lighting, temperature and aroma).
  3. Offer an outstanding menu plus an impressive selection of specials in our restaurant’s and an outstanding array of gracious amenities in distinctive hotels.
  4. Provide employment that is rewarding and offers education and opportunity in a fair, diverse and inclusive environment.
  5. Generate profits that: a) afford compensation and benefits for those who contribute, and b) allow the company to grow.
    (QW is owned by the QW ESOP Trust, which exists solely to provide retirement benefits to QW staff members. We are 100% Employee Owned!)
  6. Consider sustainable practices in our social and physical worlds, with all of our decisions. (See our Sustainable Practices Initiative & Fairness Doctrine below.)

Consider how our decisions affect current and future generations by:

  • Using less energy and water.
  • Following the tenants of: reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Whenever practical, purchasing food, beverages, supplies and equipment that were made utilizing practices that are sustainable.
  • Having healthy indoor environments.
  • Buying more local food by developing relationships with farmers, food makers and vendors.
  • Seeking third party certification for our efforts.
  • Researching “best practices.”
  • Being leaders of “Sustainable Practices” in our community and industry.

Because some groups have not, and are not, always treated fairly, we will proactively reach out to such communities by:

  • Being extraordinarily committed to our “Fairness” and “Diversity & Inclusion” programs with the objective of being a role model for other organizations.
  • Focusing much of our “underwriting” and “sponsorship” efforts to the African American, Latino, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities plus other such groups.
  • Working with the refugee community when we have employment opportunities.
  • Looking for opportunities to employ people with different abilities.
  • Encouraging a merit based culture that seeks opportunities for women, minorities, the LGBT community and other such groups.