Bride and Groom Departure

Have an great setting for the getaway....

Elegant Reception in Weaver

Center Social Lobby Wedding

Make your wedding your own by choosing on of our many set ups in the social lobby...

Moneca and Randall Wedding Kiss

Wedding Ceremony in Bluebell Garden

Event in Weaver

Have your event in our largest room...

Proximity Social Lobby Wedding

Wedding in the Social Lobby of Proximity Hotel...


White Oak Reception

Weaver Room

Social Lobby Wedding from Above

The social lobby is a great place to have a large open wedding...

Social Lobby Wedding with Trees

With help from our team you can transform our social lobby into the wedding of your dreams...

Bridal Party in Proximity Suite

Bridal Party in Proximity Suite...

Weaver Room in Pink and White

Wedding in Social Lobby set up

Wedding guest set up in Social Lobby...

Winter Weddings

Wedding Reception in Weaver

Weaver Reception

Reception in White Oak

Weaver Room Wedding Reception

Bride and Groom in Bluebell Garden

The Bluebell garden is a perfect spot for wedding photos...

Wedding Ceremony in Social Lobby

Gold Pink and White Tablescapes

Social Lobby Wedding Ceremony

White Oak Wedding Reception

Revolution Reception with drapes

Unique Wedding Centerpiece

Reception in Weaver

Proximity Suite

London Taxi and Bridal party

Cheers! Reception in Weaver Room

Checked Cab Photo Op

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