5 Best Locations For A Romantic Photo

Couple with taxi

After capturing (or recapturing) your loved one’s heart, preserve the memories of your time together with a few photos. Here’s a list of our favorite places to take a few candids.

  1. Bluebell Garden. The best time is around twilight. The sun is just setting and the glow from the lights in the garden makes for a magical photo.
  2. Creekside Terrace. With lush trees and a flowing creek in the background, the photo makes you look like you traveled farther than you did.
  3. Social Lobby. There are lots of angles you can take here. Try a couple’s shot on the dramatic spiral staircases or wait until night to get a shot in front of the glowing wall of candles.
  4. London Taxis. Photos in front of our London Taxis are always an iconic way to remember your weekend together.
  5. Reflections from the guestroom mirrors. Our Craft Guild-made mirrors in the guestroom are an opportunity to snap a creative shot showcasing you and your honey.
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