We’ve talked a lot about our Sustainable Practices Initiative but less about the extraordinary design. We used an unusual design process that was grounded on the notion that process is more important than outcome. That led us to work the metaphor of our design intent at every intersection. You see, we pretended that we found an old factory and that we had an amalgam of David Hicks, Ray and Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen design the adaptation of the building into a hotel and bistro. So — first we had to design the factory we would have liked to have found, then design the interiors. Pretty wild idea, eh?

Well, we were lucky to find Bradshaw Orrell to pull this off. He is an extraordinary design professional who recently opened a design consultancy, Bradshaw Orrell Interiors, in Greensboro. He worked with amazing grace, with a design team that included Douglas Freeman, Angie Kenny, Nancy King Quaintance and Dennis Quaintance. Bradshaw’s hand touched the design of every detail. And when I say every detail, I’m not exaggerating; every piece of furniture in the guest rooms was custom designed. It was an amazing process. We are grateful to Bradshaw for his sense of style, leadership and camaraderie. Please stop by for a tour and we’ll not only show off the sustainable features but also the extraordinary design.

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