Our London Taxis
Arrive from the airport in style or get a ride around town in one of our London Taxis (or our restored 1975 Checker Cab).

London Taxis of North America (LTNA) has modified the world-famous, very distinctive London Taxi to meet U.S. mechanical specifications, and its interior has been upgraded to the level of a luxury limousine. The first "London Executive Sedan" put into service for hotel use was for our sister hotel, the O.Henry.

The London Taxi has been transporting the public in England for more than 50 years. Now Proximity guests will experience the charm and comfort of these remarkable vehicles. The first of the "world's finest" taxis began arriving in the North America late 2003, bringing with them the style and elegance of a bygone era. The London Taxi's roomy passenger cabins seat five, with enough space to stretch out. Its 56" high ceilings are a holdover from 19th century English laws that required horse-drawn carriages to allow enough room for gentlemen wearing top hats.

"We fell in love with this car at first sight and we think our guests will, too," says Dennis Quaintance, president of Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants & Hotels. "When you're riding in the London Taxi you feel like you're traveling back in time. Some of the hotel's packages include transportation to the theater or a spa…just imagine pulling up in front of Triad Stage (the professional theater located in Greensboro's city center) in an elegant London Executive Sedan and having the porter hold open the door as you make your appearance. This is not an ordinary car - it's fun to drive and it's even more fun to ride in."

This dignified vehicle also includes doors that open 90 degrees for easy entry, foldout ramps for wheelchairs, a built-in child seat, plus seats that swing out onto the sidewalk to help less mobile passengers get in and out. The passenger cabin has its own heating and air-conditioning controls, and an interior intercom system allows clear communication between driver and passengers.

"We're thrilled that we can offer transportation for our guests that not only gets them there, but makes them smile on the way," said Mr. Quaintance. "We want everyone who stays with us to feel special and we think the London Taxi will help us achieve this."


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